Our Policies and Pricing

Written Contract

All estate sales will be negotiated and a signed agreement/contract between Legacy Estate Sales and the persons hiring will be done prior to any sales are planned or posted.

Pricing per Estate Sale

Each estate sale is unique to the location and circumstances. We will review the items for sale before we determine a fair and equitable price. Reasonable expectations need to be realized based on the condition of the property to be sold and how much cleaning and preparation will go into the set up of the estate sale.

Other Services Pricing

If other services are called for, such as hauling off trash or junk items then these services will be extra and charged as such. 

Promotion of the Estate Sales

All efforts will be made to promote the sale by Legacy Estate Sales. We will run ads in the local paper the week of the event (days to be determined). Use of email, social media and other websites such as Craigslist to advertise and promote the event will be provided as well.

Sales Tax Collected

Sales Tax for the sale will be collected per item sold. Whatever the local tax rate is for the location, that is what we will collect.

Early Sales and Family Interference

There will be times when early sales may be done as part of the agreement/contract if this is a need that we recommend.

Once a signed agreement/contract is made, then we will not allow family or friends to interfere with the sale until we have turned it back over to person who hired Legacy Estate Sales. This will be a part of all agreements/contracts.